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White House senior adviser suggestions Chinese medical reform: the United States can learn from medical reform program
May 20, sponsored by the China Insurance Association, the first 100 Chinese Insurance Companies Enhance Auditorium special event co-organized in Beijing. Medical Ethics and Policy, vice president and chairman of the University of Pennsylvania, Mr. White House senior adviser Ezekiel Emanuel on health insurance reform and the role of the US commercial health insurance in the reform process made the introduction, and detailed interpretation of the March 2010 Release the "patient protection and affordable Care Act" and its Implications for China.
"2015, the year the United States in terms of health insurance spent $ 3.24 trillion, this amount even more than many of the world's largest economy in annual GDP, also shows a huge waste of the United States in terms of health insurance, which has prompted the government is determined to carry on health care reform. "Dr. Emanuel Road.
Since March 2010 Obama signed the "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act" since Dr. Emanuel believes health care reform to achieve good results, not only cost savings, improved participation rate, but also greatly changed the development of commercial health insurance market.
"Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act" of the past regime carried out a series of reforms, such as the abolition of the last annual fee restrictions, and provide residents with tax subsidies, to provide online health insurance exchanges and other measures to make the United States based on the employer's family protection The average premium expenditure growth rate decreased significantly, the public job opportunities greatly increased.
Data show that the end of the first quarter of 2016, the nation's uninsured by 18% the proportion of the highest drops to 11%. In this process, in addition to the people and Government of beneficiaries, as well as commercial health insurance company, since the past five years to promote the medical reform program, commercial health insurance business showed a rise in the balance of power, and therefore the risk of capital aimed at the health insurance.
By 2015, venture capital investment in the amount of US health insurance companies reached a new high as $ 16.1 billion, while the number of healthy investment from $ 1.1 billion in 2011 to grow to $ 4.4 billion in 2015.
Dr. Emanuel said when talking about enlightenment US healthcare reform on China, although China because of the social security system, so the commercial health insurance system is not large, but with the growing aging, will lead to hospital resource constraints, demand can not meet other problems. To get better care, but also through health reform to achieve.
"Some US medical reform program content is applicable in China," said Dr. Emanuel, "such as the establishment of insurance exchanges, insurance subsidies provided by the medical loss ratio to limit excessive insurance company profits, put the responsibility on building more oriented individual hospitals and healthcare networks, using more non-physician supply methods. "he believes that, through these initiatives, the insurance company can increase the number of insured, increase customer base, increase revenue and interest rates to achieve standardization. So insurance companies have an incentive to develop adequate organizational network covering hospitals, physicians and other resources.
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